May 26, 2024

pregnant dog

When a pregnant dog is in the home, owners should be vigilant. This is because some symptoms signal that the birth is about to happen. Understanding the animal’s behavior before and during childbirth will help owners prepare their animals for what they need.

Witnessing the moment your pet gives birth will be something you will never forget. Besides, having a child in the house is a great experience and may motivate people to talk about this biological event and the parent-child bond. Here are some signs that your dog is about to give birth.

1) Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite in a dog about to give birth is normal and is a sign of impending delivery. This loss of appetite occurs 12 to 24 hours before delivery, but it is important to note that not all dogs exhibit this behavior.

2) Seeks Company

If there is a bond of trust between the dog and owner, the dog will seek to be with the owner. Indeed, this is one of the symptoms of urgent contractions, and one must be very careful. Since the animal cannot speak, it will become persistent in its calls for attention.

The voice and panting will increase, and the dog will ask the owner to go somewhere with her. However, this means that she needs a companion, not an intervention.

3) Contractions

Another symptom of the dog is the presence of uterine contractions. You will notice that the animal turns on its side, breathing restless, and its chest and abdomen move faster. You may also observe the dog pushing to get the puppies out.

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4) Nervousness

When a female dog is about to give birth, she becomes nervous due to labor pains and the discomfort of the process. It is normal for them to be shy around strangers and other pets in the house. She will prefer to be with the family she trusts most.

Yes, when puppies are born, dogs become suspicious and aggressive toward strangers. This nervousness is easy to recognize and will continue after the birth. Respect their feelings.

5) Choosing a Nest

When bitches prepare to give birth, they begin by choosing a “nest,” or a comfortable place to start giving birth. You will find that they prefer to stay hidden and warm because they feel protected and their pups are safe.

6) Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the signs that a dog is about to go into labor. The genitalia begins to secrete water, making cleaning more difficult. This behavior is intended to relieve the pain in the affected area and make it easier for the pups to come out.

Owners need not worry if their dogs constantly secrete a fluid from the vulva, at least until it becomes bloody or smelly. This is a normal process and should not be interfered with. There is no need to help her clean up.

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7) Body Temperature

A drop in body temperature is one of the most complex symptoms of uterine contractions in female dogs because it is not easily noticed. Physically, however, the body temperature drops one to two degrees as the moment of delivery approaches.

8) Fluid

Hours before labor begins, the dog expels a plug of mucus. It is a natural mechanism to keep infections and bacteria at bay. It functions to protect the uterus and pups throughout gestation.

The color of this mucus is usually yellow or white and very dark, so owners need not worry. After expelling, it takes up to 12 hours to give birth. In other words, it is one of the most easily recognizable symptoms in female dogs.

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